About KYO Digital.

KYO was established in 2016 by Matt Goolding, who set about building a full-service digital marketing provider. In late 2017, we decided to focus on what we're best at. Matt uses his background in writing and film research, and matches it with digital marketing expertise. He brings experience as a content strategist in a fast-growth digital agency, a freelance digital consultant, and an in-house head of digital. 

KYO is a collective group of specialists. We're headquartered in Groningen, NL. The wider team works remotely, keeping overheads minimal and enabling us to offer competitive pricing structures. Our collective can expand as necessary when we need more hands to the pump. All work is quality-controlled to the point of obsession. 

Our mantra is to be transparent and honest, to recognise and discuss challenges, and to deliver genuinely sustainable results for our clients. Our goal is to cut through the smoke, mirrors, and excessive costs you may experience with other agencies. We strive for a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with every client. 

Oh, and KYO stands for Know Your Onions. Yes, really.

The facts.

Established in April 2016.
Based in Groningen.
Specialists in content.
Operating as a collective.