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Case Study – SEO & Content

Overpass Apps

Overpass Apps is an app development startup, based in Oxfordshire. We were asked to recommend an SEO strategy which would drive long-term sustainable growth, and create passive lead generation via the search engines. The ambition for Overpass Apps was to convert website leads into mobile app clients, in order to provide a steady source of income that would fund the production of its own portfolio in the iPhone and Android app markets.

Exploring the options

The Overpass Apps website needed to improve its organic search rankings. The domain had a solid history, and was trusted by Google. However, the keyword competition level for broad app development and design keywords was prohibitive. We had no chance of competing against huge budgets and long-established competitors in this field.

Limited up-front capital and expensive keywords ruled Google AdWords out of the equation in this instance. Social media marketing (paid and organic) was ongoing, but had not been driving leads. A blog strategy was also ongoing, but was targeting brand awareness goals.

The strategy

We recommended that KYO and Overpass embark on building location-specific landing pages, targeting broad app development and app design keywords at a local level. This would tap into Google’s emphasis on local results, and place Overpass in-front of qualified searchers in those areas.

In alignment with Google guidelines, our landing pages were well researched, fluidly written, and intelligently structured. All written content was 100% unique, and imagery was specific and relevant to every location. The copy was keyword-optimised, but not to the extent of keyword stuffing. Calls to action were placed throughout the page structure, to optimise conversion rates.

The work included multiple phases. We started with Oxfordshire, the area in which Overpass is based. Thereafter, we constructed location pages for major cities in the UK, and then for counties. Once the counties were published, we pursued medium-sized towns and small cities, categorised within second and third page level, from initial navigation on the website’s footer.

Content Marketing Strategy
The results

We have seen a significant rise in enquiries from the location-based landing pages, via Google search engine queries. On average, Overpass is receiving 5 -10 app development enquiries per month through these portals, across many different regions in the United Kingdom.

Paired with a blog and social strategy, plus admirable YouTube vlogging endeavours by Overpass owner, Eric Wroolie, these location pages have filtered a steady stream of qualified leads through the website. Website traffic is consistent and sustainable, allowing Eric to grow the business in other areas.

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