KYO provides content and digital marketing services to clients in Groningen.

We specialise in content, but our expertise covers technical SEO, PPC, and social media. KYO works with Dutch and British clients, providing high-quality digital marketing services to drive growth in English-language markets.

From the office on Boterdiep, Matt Goolding leads a collective group of specialists. As a remote-working team, we offer a very flexible digital marketing solution which can expand according to your budget and business goals.

About Groningen.

Groningen is a vibrant student city, two hours from Amsterdam. It is the northern outpost of The Netherlands, situated 40km from the North Sea and 50km from the German border. Despite its comparatively remote location, Groningen retains its prominence through a rich artistic culture, world-renowned science, and status as a HQ for innovative startups.

The current population of Groningen stands at just above 200,000, with the youngest average age of anywhere in The Netherlands. The inner city is blessed with classic architecture, open squares, and an abundance of cafes and restaurants. This attracts thousands of tourists every year, and ensures that Groningen is lively even when the students are on a break.

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