About the client:

The client is a green energy startup, based in London. The team helps UK residents switch to renewable energy technology and maintain energy-efficient buildings. 

KYO’s content strategy has helped us gain recognition and build authority within the industry. We are regularly featured on top websites and our articles generate qualified leads every week.
— Founder & MD

Brand awareness and credibility.

This startup has a well-established PPC strategy, which is also managed by KYO. However, the long-term ambition is to increase organic search traffic and generate leads with content marketing. Our research uncovered opportunities to compete for high-traffic keywords with blog posts and landing pages. We have increased organic search traffic by 291%, and we're in the process of building a formidable backlink profile.


Personal brand-building.

The startup's founder is knowledgable about energy, environmental, and climate issues. This was an asset to our campaign, and allowed us to build his personal profile alongside the startup. We secured guest writing spots at leading green energy blogs such as YouGen and Green Journal, thereby boosting his authority and acquiring valuable backlinks to the startup's website. 


Organic rankings and conversions.

KYO designed and optimised a new mobile-friendly website, embarking on a vast content expansion and technical overhaul. Existing pages and posts flew up the rankings, and new additions are regularly indexed on page 1. This content is specifically designed to attract qualified users and drive conversions through a low-commitment lead magnet. We have increased organic conversions by 352%.


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