About the client:

This client is the world's fastest growing online supermarket, based in the Netherlands. The business is expanding rapidly and is set to challenge the established grocery industry.

KYO helped us create exceptional articles that demonstrated our team’s technical expertise to the wider world. Highly recommended!
— Head of Marketing

A disruptive identity.

This supermarket operates more like an agile tech startup, striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible for grocery shopping in the Netherlands and beyond. The engineering team seeks to demonstrate this disruptive mindset and highlight the innovation occurring within the business. KYO was brought in to help achieve consistency and quality of output.


Expertise and authority.

The client commissioned KYO for copywriting and copyediting services, partly due to our interest in technology and web development. We collaborate on articles and web copy, helping the team to communicate detailed technical topics in a compelling way. KYO edits, enhances, and quality-controls written content. This is a supportive relationship, whereby we strengthen content sourced from the supermarket's internal development team. 


A broader reach.

This technical content builds the profile of the development team and attracts new engineering talent from around the globe. Alongside specialised articles, we also create and edit content on more general technology topics. The goal is to reach broader audiences, and we've seen success in getting attention from mainstream Dutch and international media. The brand has world-conquering ambitions, so this is essential for expansion into English speaking markets. 


Anonymous at request. Please contact KYO for details.

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