About the client:

The client is a technology consultancy based in London and New York. They specialise in technology for publishing and media organisations.

We have worked for a number of years with Matt, who has been providing our digital marketing service. We have found him to be resourceful, thought provoking, thorough and detailed. Ultimately and importantly he has been a catalyst to our business growth.
— Head of Operations

Brand awareness and credibility.

The business needed to build credibility within the publishing and media sphere. We acquired article placements at major industry publications, including Book Business Magazine, International Publishing Association, Digital Book World, Independent Publishers Guild, and BookMachine. Through content-led journalist outreach, we contributed to articles on the Guardian, Telegraph, and Microsoft websites, thus acquiring some of the best backlinks on the web. 


SEO and organic rankings.

The business needed to compete in the organic search results for publishing technology and software keywords. We conducted keyword and competitor research to determine opportunities, and created high-quality landing pages with videos and in-depth FAQs. We optimised website navigation, and improved keyword relevancy site-wide. This, in combination with above link-building efforts resulted in 100% success rates for page 1 rankings on target keywords.


Conversions and engagement.

The business needed to convert traffic into email signups and website enquiries.

Our SEO strategy refined which users arrived at key pages, and resulted in a 150% increase in inbound website enquiries. Outstanding blog performance increased top-of-the-funnel visitors, with downloadable lead magnets contributing to mailing list growth from 0 to 250 recipients over 4 months. Emails averaged a 31% open rate, which was over 13% above industry average.


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